Katherine Drenski and friend

Individual Bach Flower Essence consultation by phone or email: $60.00

  • Q&A about the remedies
  • Interview and discussion
  • One individually prepared Bach Flower remedies (shipping included)
  • Written summary by mail or email

The Bach Flower Essences should be used in conjunction with proper vet care.

For folks in North/Central New England, farm calls available.

Group educational talks gladly provided upon request, tailored to your needs from short overviews to more detailed presentations including quick consults and remedy bottles for attendees. Price based on location, group size, and materials.

Gift Certificates available.

About Treatment Bottles: After the essence(s) are chosen for the individual a treatment bottle is prepared containing drops from the stock bottles and diluted with spring water. The Bach Flower system is somewhat similar to homeopathy in that the solution is highly diluted. The treatment bottle usually lasts about 2 weeks. After that period of time the situation can be re-evaluated.

About Time Frames: Each individual responds at a different pace. Some see or feel changes quickly. Deeply rooted behaviors and emotions may take longer periods of time to respond. Usually there will be some shifts during the first two week period, often enough to warrant changes to the choice of essences for a subsequent treatment bottle. Some clients will find that one treatment bottle has helped them move past a difficult phase, and don't require anything more at that time.

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions can be found at The Bach Centre.

Eileen Connolly and Scout

"Thanks to Katherine, there was a remarkable change in this little red donkey’s attitude. When this young jenny first arrived at the barn, she would let no one near her. Getting a halter on her was challenging without causing great stress for her. She tucked her tail, hid behind her companion and was quite anxious. I reached out to Katherine with a description of the behavior and Katherine said she would do some energy work on her the following week. Only a day or two later, I walked into the stall where both jennies were and I was astounded when the red girl just stood there, let me halter her easily and then run my hands all over her from her ears to her tail and up and down her legs. It was a truly amazing change in her. She had never let me walk up to her, let alone touch her all over while she stood still. As it turned out, Katherine’s schedule had changed and she had done some energy work totally unbeknownst to me. Thank you, Katherine! You made this donkey’s life more enjoyable for her, and our relationship much more fulfilling!!"

-- Judy Ballantine