Not just for horses…

Over the last couple of years I find myself doing more and more with small animals as well as equines.  Here is a testimonial I wanted to share from a client.

Crybaby is an ordinary gray striped shorthaired domestic cat whom we consider the best cat in the world.  He is five years old and is a full time indoor cat.  Our house is all on one level, not a large house and has three bedrooms.  Crybaby usually sleeps on a bed at night and eats breakfast on the kitchen countertop in the morning.  He uses all of the rooms in the house and goes down to the basement through a cat door to look for mice.  Every day for Crybaby is pretty much like the next with few surprises.  But one day it all changed.  Crybaby’s behavior and demeanor changed very suddenly and dramatically over night.  He seemed petrified and refused to leave the bedroom area of the house, staying pretty much in the hallway, crouching with his tail in a brush.  The hallway has a runner in it and the living room had an area rug.   Because his food was in another part of the house, he had to leave the hallway in order to eat.  But he seemed too frightened to walk on the hallway runner or living room rug. He would jump onto the couch to avoid touching the carpet.  It was very, very bizarre behavior and we could not figure out what had frightened Crybaby or what we could do to calm him.   The vet checked Crybaby out but couldn’t find anything physically wrong with him and was puzzled by this change in him.  

 Katherine had helped with a donkey in my care who was quite anxious and did not like to be handled. So I called Katherine to see if she could do some work with Crybaby and create a Bach remedy for him.  Katherine had a Reiki session with Crybaby and mixed up a remedy to be added to his food.  Before long, Crybaby started to relax and return to his former self. 

It is always nice to have positive feedback about the remedies!  Crybaby is a good example of another interesting experience that I have more and more frequently lately,  an animal bringing up a topic that is somehow related or important to their person.  During Crybaby’s session he brought up “letting go.”  Working through that, I found that it was related to Judy and her emotions regarding the recent loss of her mother.  Bringing up the topic helped clear blocked energy for Crybaby, but it also meant something significant to Judy.  Healing work has a ripple effect!


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