Sharing Thoughts

Animals lovers share a wide variety of activities from hunter/jumper, dressage, reining, gymkhana, trails, racing, carriage driving, pulling, dog agility, herding, tracking, etc. Along with this variety of interests comes  a wide variety of opinions as to the best methods for training and care.  There is never a lack of interesting and lively debates and discussions among us.  Despite these many differences, one thing every animal lover shares at some point in time is grief over the loss of a pet.  If timelines proceed the way they are supposed to, we humans generally outlive our animal companions, and it is a burden we all carry knowing it will happen someday.

I wanted to touch on this because the Bach Flower system offers a great deal of support to us as we face the latter phases of our animal’s lives.  I was drawn to share this topic because my own doggie family are aged 9, 12 and 14 and lately I have been seeing some natural declines and changes.  One of my dogs in particular is having some significant health issues and I find myself hugging her and getting choked up all the time.  I realized that is not the most useful behavior and probably confuses her (what’s wrong with mum?)….  So, I began supporting myself with the remedies during this time so that I can fully appreciate and make the most of the time we have together.  And for the animals, the remedies can help them to grow old gracefully.  Each case may be slightly different and call for different flower essence combinations.  Keep this in mind as you continue to journey with your animal companions.  Also, don’t deprive yourself of comfort after the loss of a pet.  Star of Bethlehem is a wonderful soothing remedy to help you through trauma, loss and grief.  I remember times after the loss of a beloved animal almost wanting to hold onto the pain because it was all I had left… but that really isn’t useful, and it surely isn’t what our animal companions would want for us.  The remedies won’t make your memories or feelings go away, they will just help to balance your emotions so you can enjoy memories and put your energy out in a useful way such as planting a memorial garden or taking a walk, and eventually help you to be ready to extend your home and heart to another friend.

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