Asia the Mule

Asia, this beautiful molly mule, was rescued from an auction by the wonderful team at Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in August of 2011.  See  It is unknown exactly what Asia’s history was prior to the rescue, but shortly after arriving at SYA, she was adopted by Rebecca and family.  Unfortunately, she was too fearful to be handled normally, and therefore could not be moved to her new home, so she is residing at SYA until such time that she overcomes her fears and can be safely transported.  I have been fortunate enough to work with the rescue’s president, Ann Firestone on a few occasions, and she recommended that Rebecca contact me about a session and remedy for Asia.

While I was reading  Rebecca’s first email explaining the issues with Asia, I realized that instead of my usual considerations for different flower essences, I found myself with one overpowering thought.  Someone needed to tell Asia that she was safe.  She somehow knew the outcome for a large portion of these auction horses and her energy was stuck believing that her fate was slaughter, despite the kindness and care that SYA and Rebecca were giving her.

Thankfully Rebecca was open to talking to Asia and communicated this to her right away.  I sent the flower remedy, worked on chakra clearing and gave Rebecca some other ideas to supplement the process of helping Asia.  A couple of days later, Rebecca said Asia was already improving.

“Asia seems overall calmer in the last two days. She came to greet me as I walked into the round pen and took a treat from my hand. We talked with Ann while she was eating hay and even Ann commented on it. Her whole demeanor was more relaxed”

In this case, I truly believe that the initial ‘conversation’ assuring Asia that her luck had changed, was responsible for at least 50% of her improvement.  How exciting!  After using the remedy for 2-3 weeks, Rebecca reported back again.  It seems in conjunction with Rebecca’s hard work, the remedies supported her continued progress.

“I can now brush Asia all over and pick up her feet as well as pet her. The best part is this is with no halter on!  I’m not forcing Asia to accept my touch, she is accepting it and most of the time enjoying it. She is so willing to please and tries to second guess what I want. When I touch down her leg she picks her foot up anticipating me wanting to pick her feet.  I just can’t believe what a difference in her there is. She is so much more calm.”

This case employed many of the tools I have gathered over the years. I felt the remedies were excellent situational support to help Asia through a tough spot in her life, and she was sensitive and responsive to the energy work, but I was touched even more by how people came together to share ideas and put forth the effort to help her get over the worst of her fears.



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