Not just for horses…

Over the last couple of years I find myself doing more and more with small animals as well as equines.  Here is a testimonial I wanted to share from a client.

Crybaby is an ordinary gray striped shorthaired domestic cat whom we consider the best cat in the world.  He is five years old and is a full time indoor cat.  Our house is all on one level, not a large house and has three bedrooms.  Crybaby usually sleeps on a bed at night and eats breakfast on the kitchen countertop in the morning.  He uses all of the rooms in the house and goes down to the basement through a cat door to look for mice.  Every day for Crybaby is pretty much like the next with few surprises.  But one day it all changed.  Crybaby’s behavior and demeanor changed very suddenly and dramatically over night.  He seemed petrified and refused to leave the bedroom area of the house, staying pretty much in the hallway, crouching with his tail in a brush.  The hallway has a runner in it and the living room had an area rug.   Because his food was in another part of the house, he had to leave the hallway in order to eat.  But he seemed too frightened to walk on the hallway runner or living room rug. He would jump onto the couch to avoid touching the carpet.  It was very, very bizarre behavior and we could not figure out what had frightened Crybaby or what we could do to calm him.   The vet checked Crybaby out but couldn’t find anything physically wrong with him and was puzzled by this change in him.  

 Katherine had helped with a donkey in my care who was quite anxious and did not like to be handled. So I called Katherine to see if she could do some work with Crybaby and create a Bach remedy for him.  Katherine had a Reiki session with Crybaby and mixed up a remedy to be added to his food.  Before long, Crybaby started to relax and return to his former self. 

It is always nice to have positive feedback about the remedies!  Crybaby is a good example of another interesting experience that I have more and more frequently lately,  an animal bringing up a topic that is somehow related or important to their person.  During Crybaby’s session he brought up “letting go.”  Working through that, I found that it was related to Judy and her emotions regarding the recent loss of her mother.  Bringing up the topic helped clear blocked energy for Crybaby, but it also meant something significant to Judy.  Healing work has a ripple effect!


Sharing Thoughts

Animals lovers share a wide variety of activities from hunter/jumper, dressage, reining, gymkhana, trails, racing, carriage driving, pulling, dog agility, herding, tracking, etc. Along with this variety of interests comes  a wide variety of opinions as to the best methods for training and care.  There is never a lack of interesting and lively debates and discussions among us.  Despite these many differences, one thing every animal lover shares at some point in time is grief over the loss of a pet.  If timelines proceed the way they are supposed to, we humans generally outlive our animal companions, and it is a burden we all carry knowing it will happen someday.

I wanted to touch on this because the Bach Flower system offers a great deal of support to us as we face the latter phases of our animal’s lives.  I was drawn to share this topic because my own doggie family are aged 9, 12 and 14 and lately I have been seeing some natural declines and changes.  One of my dogs in particular is having some significant health issues and I find myself hugging her and getting choked up all the time.  I realized that is not the most useful behavior and probably confuses her (what’s wrong with mum?)….  So, I began supporting myself with the remedies during this time so that I can fully appreciate and make the most of the time we have together.  And for the animals, the remedies can help them to grow old gracefully.  Each case may be slightly different and call for different flower essence combinations.  Keep this in mind as you continue to journey with your animal companions.  Also, don’t deprive yourself of comfort after the loss of a pet.  Star of Bethlehem is a wonderful soothing remedy to help you through trauma, loss and grief.  I remember times after the loss of a beloved animal almost wanting to hold onto the pain because it was all I had left… but that really isn’t useful, and it surely isn’t what our animal companions would want for us.  The remedies won’t make your memories or feelings go away, they will just help to balance your emotions so you can enjoy memories and put your energy out in a useful way such as planting a memorial garden or taking a walk, and eventually help you to be ready to extend your home and heart to another friend.

Asia the Mule

Asia, this beautiful molly mule, was rescued from an auction by the wonderful team at Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in August of 2011.  See  It is unknown exactly what Asia’s history was prior to the rescue, but shortly after arriving at SYA, she was adopted by Rebecca and family.  Unfortunately, she was too fearful to be handled normally, and therefore could not be moved to her new home, so she is residing at SYA until such time that she overcomes her fears and can be safely transported.  I have been fortunate enough to work with the rescue’s president, Ann Firestone on a few occasions, and she recommended that Rebecca contact me about a session and remedy for Asia.

While I was reading  Rebecca’s first email explaining the issues with Asia, I realized that instead of my usual considerations for different flower essences, I found myself with one overpowering thought.  Someone needed to tell Asia that she was safe.  She somehow knew the outcome for a large portion of these auction horses and her energy was stuck believing that her fate was slaughter, despite the kindness and care that SYA and Rebecca were giving her.

Thankfully Rebecca was open to talking to Asia and communicated this to her right away.  I sent the flower remedy, worked on chakra clearing and gave Rebecca some other ideas to supplement the process of helping Asia.  A couple of days later, Rebecca said Asia was already improving.

“Asia seems overall calmer in the last two days. She came to greet me as I walked into the round pen and took a treat from my hand. We talked with Ann while she was eating hay and even Ann commented on it. Her whole demeanor was more relaxed”

In this case, I truly believe that the initial ‘conversation’ assuring Asia that her luck had changed, was responsible for at least 50% of her improvement.  How exciting!  After using the remedy for 2-3 weeks, Rebecca reported back again.  It seems in conjunction with Rebecca’s hard work, the remedies supported her continued progress.

“I can now brush Asia all over and pick up her feet as well as pet her. The best part is this is with no halter on!  I’m not forcing Asia to accept my touch, she is accepting it and most of the time enjoying it. She is so willing to please and tries to second guess what I want. When I touch down her leg she picks her foot up anticipating me wanting to pick her feet.  I just can’t believe what a difference in her there is. She is so much more calm.”

This case employed many of the tools I have gathered over the years. I felt the remedies were excellent situational support to help Asia through a tough spot in her life, and she was sensitive and responsive to the energy work, but I was touched even more by how people came together to share ideas and put forth the effort to help her get over the worst of her fears.



Comet the Selle Francais

I thought my visitors might find it interesting to hear about some individual cases and learn about the Bach Flower Essences in practice.  I think it is only appropriate that the first case study  in my blog be dedicated to the memory my mare Comet who was my inspiration for learning more about the Bach Flower system.

Comet was my free horse, given by a friend of a friend, shipped sight unseen from Florida due to allergies she developed while living there, they wanted her to have a home in the north.  I thought she might make a nice trail horse for my mother, but she turned out to be mine.  She was destined to be my educator in so many ways, but with regard to the Bach Flower Essences, it all began with a BANG.

At over 17 hands, Miss Comet had plenty of force to work with when she kicked the wall of her stall.  It could be heard clearly at the house.  The first couple of times it happened I ran to see what was going on.  Soon I began trying to manage the situation by changing her stall to a run-in, BANG.  Then I adjusted the feeding schedule earlier with the hope of satisfying her before the destruction began, BANG.  And so it went.  Whenever I was in sight, I could almost see the angelic halo over her big beautiful head as if she could never have been responsible for such noise and destruction, it was a mystery.

A woman I was taking some classes from suggested trying a 2 week course of Beech, one of the Bach Flower essences.   Beech is used for intolerance, classically when the person (or the animal) has a demanding nature and does not feel their desires are being met.  Comet was rather queenly by nature so I thought the recommendation was a good one.  To illustrate that side of her personality,  once when our plumber asked if he could meet the horses, she came over with her usual curiosity, but then flew backwards when he reached out and kissed her on the nose.  She was offended that he would take such a liberty!

After about 3 days of following the recommended doses of the flower remedy, she missed one of her usual kicks first thing in the morning.   A few days after that I realized there had been an overall decrease in the frequency of the kicks.  Much to my amazement by the end of the second week she had stopped.

This is an excellent example of a type remedy.  Rather than a situational treatment such as support while recovering from an injury, a type remedy is chosen for the individual because of difficulties they have because of ingrained traits.  We all have at least one remedy that helps to balance our natural personality and tendencies, and each difficulty we may experience has an equal positive attribute that can be promoted.  Although it isn’t necessary to take a type remedy all the time, it is often one that can be revisited.  Such was the case with Comet.  The mystery was solved, but sometimes when her persnickety side started  to emerge, I would give her another 2 weeks on the Beech essence and she would settle down again.  If I failed to recognize the need soon enough, I would eventually hear a nice big BANG to remind me.